VIDEO: Ideas@IDRC: Cintia Quiliconi
Dr. Quiliconi describes some of the key issues in the history of the GATT and WTO. Produced during the Development Ideas authors’ workshop, Ottawa 2011. ©IDRC/CRDI. (French transcript)

— Abstract

Historically, development has not been at the core of the multilateral trade regime. The multilateral trade system did not incorporate development concerns until the Doha Development round. Paradoxically, since its launch in 2001 multilateral trade regimes have failed due to its focus on development –which was supposed to embrace. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) evolved over time in its treatment of developing countries, changing the use of special and differential treatment (S&D). An imbalance in rule making became evident with the results of the Uruguay Round agreements and its implementation costs, with debate moving from the concept of S&D to creating space for discussing development policy. Some reflections are offered on the current governance challenges the World Trade Organization (WTO) faces today.

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