VIDEO: Ideas, Experience, and Prospects for International Development
Dr. José Antonio Ocampo outlines the history of trade and finance in development at a policy forum on 4 April 2014 hosted by the United Nations University and International Peace Institute
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— Abstract

Trade and finance have always been at the centre of development debates, often coming from divergent points of view. Within the development schools of thought, some debate the role of the global system versus national policies in determining development success; others defend the virtues of markets in development and there are those who consider that development needs some forms of state intervention. A historical analysis follows a sequence of various defining moments: “industrialization consensus” of the early post-war years; the rise of newly-industrialized countries (NICs) as exporters of manufactures; the “Washington consensus”; the challenges associated to the rise of China; and the recent slowdown of international trade. Efforts are underway to redesign the rules for the global economy.

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