Discussion by Chapter: Women’s Economic Roles

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Course Syllabus

In Spring 2016, one of the editors used the volume for a ten-session seminar at the United Nations University. This post provides the syllabus… Read more


Hidden Hand of Amartya Sen

Some things become clearer with time. In the three years since the publication of “International Development: Ideas, Experience and Prospects” I have come to… Read more

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Third #DevtIDEAS Debate: ICTs – technologies for oppression or liberation?

A video and summary of the third #DevtIDEAS Debate: ICTs – technologies for oppression or liberation?  UPDATED POST: April 7, 2015, Originally published March… Read more


New tools to fight gender-based violence

Gender-based violence, more specifically, violence against women and girls, is not new, and neither is the fight to reduce it or stamp it out…. Read more