Call for Proposals

Innovation is critical to the future of our economy and societal prosperity. This conference will explore the nature, determinants and direction of innovation and its contribution to meeting future global challenges in multiple domains such as economic stability, food security, healthcare provision, resource use, water supply, waste management, energy supply and climate change.

Responding effectively to these interconnected challenges requires a fundamental rethink of how we organize, govern, direct and accelerate innovation so that it contributes to long-term sustainable development, economic progress and social justice. Innovation refers to individual technologies as well as R&D, but also to larger technical systems and infrastructures, social, institutional and policy innovations, political processes and the interconnections between these. Innovation is the outcome of interactions between multiple bodies, including firms, intermediaries, public sector organisations, civil society groups and users of technology.

With a view to creating an engaging conference, the Programme Committee invites participants to take an active role in constructing an exciting and challenging programme.

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